“R.V. Health care formulations"though started in the yesteryears ,the root goes back to many decades.

Dr.D.Vishnu ram, proprietor is a graduate from SRI JAYENDRA SARASWATHI AYURVEDA COLLEGE, one of the reputed college situated in the outskirts of Chennai, Tamilnadu. Passed out in the year 2005, started his career, as a Lecturer at SRI SAI RAM AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH CENTER, Chennai from Sep'2005 up to Aug'2009. Simultaneously started his clinic in the same year and continuing till date successfully.

His great grand father, Late. Sri.Chamu chettiar, learnt the science of ayurveda from his guru. Being very less number of people in those days he received a personal attention from his guru, which helped him gain good knowledge in this field. Having sought permission from his guru, started to treat the diseased people in the tiny village at vallvangi, mallappuram district, Kerala. Because of his sound knowledge and eminent practice he received a good acceptance among the masses. People from remote places too visited him to get treatment. And later on decided to settle in the same village.

As it was a normal phenomenon for their heirs to continue the fathers work in those days, his son C. Raju chettiar too followed his fathers foot step and learnt the science of ayurveda through his father right from the tender age and continued his dads work. Along with treatment, he also started manufacturing many number of ayurvedic medicines in the backyard of his home. Initially it was prepared to cater the need of the people who approached him, but later on it was commercialized. As the medicine was manufactured under his direct supervision the quality, purity & efficacy was maintained at its best. Because of this reason there was a greater acceptance among the people. But because of compulsion of time it was stopped, but the service to the people was continued.

Dr.R.Devadas having seen his fathers reputation and respect among the local and the desire to continue this legacy and service for the people, decided to take this as his career. He joined PSV ayurveda college at kottakkal, malappuram dist,Kerala. and passed out in the year 1969. The quest to acquire more knowledge made him to pursue higher studies and enrolled for his PG studies at Govt. ayurveda college at Jamnagar, Gujarat in the year 1975. By the time he passed out situated changed that made him to settle at Chennai. Started his career as a Lecturer at SRI VENKATARAMANA AYURVEDA COLLEGE,CHENNAI. Worked as lecturer from 1982 up to 2000. Later he became the first Principal of SRI SAI RAM AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH CENTER, Tambaram,Chennai in the year 2000. Because of time and age factor he resigned in the year 2009.

Being aware about his deep rooted ayurvedic background his son D.Vishnuram, felt that this is be the best career option and also THE SERVICE TO THE MANKIND IS THE NOBLE SERVICE. Graduated in year 2005 joined as a Lecturer at SRI SAI RAM AYURVEDA MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH CENTER, Tambaram,Chennai. Where he handled subjects ASHTANGA HRDYAM & DRAVYAGUNA VIGNANAM. Having realised that this is not the desired platform to work he resigned in Aug'2009. Concentrated only his clinical practice, during these period gained a good practical knowledge, coupled by the guidance from his father helped to bring out the best formulations for some of the ailments commonly suffered by humans.

And a vision to serve the ailing people gave birth of the company called R.V.HEALTH CARE FORMULATIONS. Under this banner the following products were launched

1. Actfast liniment oil
2. Actfast capsule
3. H3plus capsule
4. Slim n forte
5. Pleasure X capsule