“R.V. Health care formulations " is a fast growing, professionally managed, ayurvedic company. In the year 2012 the organization was formed with an aim of bringing out ayurvedic products by BLENDING ANCIENTS SCIENCE WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY, so that people can use it with ease.& also spread the ayurvedic concept to each and every people. The company launched only one product and was able to soon launch five more products in a short period of one year and each products best on their segments.

The herbs selected are 100% safe and natural, collected from the foot hills of Himalaya. Each product is a unique and best combination. Batch by batch the company strives to maintain to bring out the best quality product. So go ahead and give us a try.


Actfast liniment oil is a research product from R.V.Health care Formulations especially for joints pain and muscular pain. Its unique formulation makes it a powerful healing agent for oedema, arthritis related pain,low back pain, sciatica, spondylosis & muscular pain. It is easily absorbed and relieves pain, sprain & stiffness easily. The ingredients used are high quality to produce the best results.

 Its unique blend of formulation acts as a potent hematologic agent in the formation of red blood cells. It is a rich natural source of iron. It does not produce any gastric irritation and constipation

The ingredients used in the actfast capsules are carefully choosed and are potent & safe formulations that gives relief from joints pain,muscular pain and sprain. It contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that alleviates pain. Actfast capsules slows down the degeneration process and cartilages damage. It attacks the root cause of the joints & muscular pain & reduces the morning stiffness and increases the mobility. It contains only herbs and does not contain any metal and minerals. So it is 100% safe and can be used for long period of time if necessary.

Slim n forte capsule is a clinically proven safe & natural medicine to reduce the body weight. It lowers the increased triglycerides. It increases the HDL level & reduces the LDL level in the body. Garcinia, one of the main ingredients helps to prevent the carbohydrates from being converted into fat. Other active ingredients present in it helps to improve the over all metabolism activity. It provides essential nutrition and helps in reduction of body weight healthily.

 Pleasure-x is a male enhancement capsule that helps to improve the sexual desire and endurance in men. The ingredients used are carefully selected. All the ingredients used are herbals, plant based hence it can be used for long period without worrying about the side effects. It helps male to achieve stronger and long lasting erection. Apart from this it also provides various health benefits